Oneida Community Health Center

Tribal Engagement Office

The goal of the Tribal Engagement Office is to have visibility in our communities and to cultivate and sustain tribal-academic partnerships.

Through a partnership agreement with the Oneida Nation, the Native American Center for Health Professions (NACHP) Tribal Engagement Office is located within the Oneida Community Health Center and is staffed by NACHP Assistant Director Melissa Metoxen.

NACHP has formal agreements with tribal partners throughout Wisconsin, and the Tribal Engagement Office (TEO) leads efforts for tribal clinic rotations, tribal community visits, programming in tribal communities, youth outreach across the state and tribal-academic partnerships. The TEO has a pulse on various events going on in our tribal communities.

Contact Melissa Metoxen at or 920-869-4990 to discuss:

  • Partnering with NACHP
  • Research opportunities within tribal communities
  • Tribal clinic rotations
  • Events and outreach in tribal communities
Melissa Metoxen
Having an office in the Oneida community allows me to connect with community members in person and form a better understanding of the needs and opportunities here and elsewhere.

Melissa Metoxen, Oneida Nation, NACHP Assistant Director